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Leah Palmer Preiss

The artist Leah Palmer Preiss has been illustrating words for A.Word.A.Day since 2011. Visit her on her website or reach her by email (curiouser at mindspring.com).

2021: daedal, involute, xylophilous, seraphic, lentic

2020: yeanling, ursiform, leptodactylous, zaftig, noctilucent

2019: fulgor, inquiline, jouissance, worricow, hyaloid

2018: velutinous, eldritch, kludge, xeric, transpicuous

2017: bibliomania, chatoyant, gastronome, quaggy, robustious

2016: succulent, marmorean, afflatus, peregrination, ostentatious

2015: gramarye, quacksalver, viridity, yobbery, xenophile

2014: juggernaut, klatsch, oneiric, scandent, zymology

2013: felicitous, disprize, ineluctable, malinger, nimiety

2012: bursiform, concinnity, lachrymal, wassail, phantasmagoria

2011: redolent, equable, terrene, hegemony, antediluvian

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