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rusticate (RUS-ti-kayt) verb intr.

To go to or live in the country.

verb tr.

1. To send to the country.

2. Chiefly British. To suspend (a student) from a university.

3. To construct (masonry) with conspicuous, often beveled points.

[Latin rusticari, rusticat-, from rusticus, rustic.]

"Here, in a villa above the small town of Erbusco, one of Italy's greatest chefs, Gualtiero Marchesi, has rusticated himself and found happiness far from the madding crowds of Milan ...." Mariani, John, L'Albereta (Erbusco, Italy, restaurant reviews) Esquire, 1 May 1996.

"According to the Equitable Schools Book, which outlines discipline policies, Eton would expect to rusticate or expel those caught smoking Judith Judd, Education: Hard decisions about soft drugs, Independent, 16 Jun 1994.

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