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Nov 29, 2007
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Words with built-in definite articles

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with Anu Garg


(AZ-uh-muhth) Pronunciation Sound Clip

noun: The horizontal angle to an object, measured clockwise from a fixed reference point, usually north or south.

From French azimut, from Latin azimut, from Arabic al-sumut, from al (the) + samt (way).

"The company's unique medium-gain antenna finds and tracks the satellite in azimuth, electronically."
Dan Fales; Sky high; Motor Boating & Sailing; Feb 1997.

See more usage examples of azimuth in Vocabulary.com's dictionary.


If one sins against the laws of proportion and gives something too big to something too small to carry it -- too big sails to too small a ship, too big meals to too small a body, too big powers to too small a soul -- the result is bound to be a complete upset. In an outburst of hubris the overfed body will rush into sickness, while the jack-in-office will rush into the unrighteousness that hubris always breeds. -Plato, philosopher (427-347 BCE)

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