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AWADmail Issue 820 - Web Supplement

A supplement to the results of the tosspot contest.

Chewporridge: Someone who stalls for time.
-Maria Bonsanti, Bronx, New York (garbook aol.com)

Grabcoin: Usurer, money lender, extortionist, bitcoin hoarder, payday loan operator, and the like; a company, person, or high-pressure sales operation aimed at ill-gotten gains.
-John P. Bean, Greencastle, Indiana (bean indiana.edu)

Dawdletask: A procrastinator.
-Risë Koben, Bloomington, Indiana (rkoben gmail.com

Barenothing: A person who kisses but doesn’t tell.
-Peter Altschuler, Santa Monica, California (altschuler wordsworthandco.com)

Two tosspot words to describe an animal lover: cuddlecritter and patpet.
-Sara Hutchinson, New Castle, Delaware (sarahutch2003 yahoo.com)

Guzzlebrew: A person who drinks a lot of beer.
-Sandra Boeschen, San Rafael, California (sandra.boeschen gmail.com)

Lapbutt: An obsequious, unctuous individual who favors undue flattery in order to achieve advancement in rank or status, rather than through intelligence, labor, or proficiency of duty. The president chose to surround himself with various lapbutts that he had accumulated during the process of the campaign, rather than those who would challenge his preconceived notions of the world.
-Clay Jordan, Knob Noster, Missouri (docclay yahoo.com)

Shirkwork: A lazy fellow.
-Travis Howell (tjhowl hotmail.com)
Also sent by Jack Coop, Toronto, Canada (jack.coop rogers.com)

Pullpecker: One who bails at the last minute.
Have you ever been on a multi-day river trip? Much planning is required. Pullpecker is a word I made up to describe someone who decides at the last minute not to go on the trip -- throwing his share of meal prep and other shared responsibilities on the shoulders of the rest of the group. (Based, somewhat obviously, on a man who pulls out before the woman achieves orgasm.)
-Maile Field, Cobb, California (mailenell yahoo.com)

Propdunce: An assistant who covers for an incompetent boss.
Flingdung: A politician who attacks his opponents with insults and innuendo rather than facts or policy.
-Curt Leimbach, Tampa, Florida (curtleimbach gmail.com)

1. A fearless costumed person.
2. A rowboat fashioned with extra oars.
3. A multi-layered, embossed-like jacket.
4. A heavy garment made of attached ties.
5. A colorful panpipe ... for crayon-out loud
-Tom Perkins, Manville, Rhode Island (perkystp gmail.com)

I have a friend who is a great kickbutt! And he does it regularly.
-Gene Startzman, Berea, Kentucky (lestartzman gmail.com)

Fartrump: To blather on and on about his own self-importance. n. one who does this. The derivation is obvious, but note that it can be taken apart in two different places, both of which are relevant.
-Bill McHarris, East Lansing, Michigan (via website comments)

Fakeface: Someone who makes faces to show empathy or engagement, for instance, while they’re bored.
-Sam McCool, Sandy Valley, Nevada (sam samccool.com)

Mockoppo: One who insults political rivals.
-Marlene Caroselli, Rochester, New York (msmccpd gmail.com)

Screechbow: One who plays the violin (or other string instrument) poorly.
-Fritz Reinagel, Durham, North Carolina (singmarcia gmail.com)

Students who sat in the front row of my husband’s veterinary medicine classes and raised their hands to answer before the teacher had even finished the question were given the springbutt award.
-Susan Brande, Monroe, New Hampshire (susan.brande gmail.com)

Approximately 16 years ago, I coined the noun cuddlethug to describe the rapper Nelly, from St. Louis, Missouri, where I also live. I used this neologism (always with great affection!) in my weekly music column for the Riverfront Times. (I was the music editor there between 2001 and 2003.) I might have used it a few more times since then (usually to describe my crazy boy-cats), but because I mainly write about classical music now, it’s hard to work it into that context.
-René Spencer Salle, St. Louis, Missouri (rene.saller att.net)

Fizzlebritches: A sassy malcontent who is also a control freak.
-Janet Kendall, New London, Iowa (jkendall478 gmail.com)

Tabletask: One who procrastinates.
Oglewreck: One who gawks at others’ misfortune.
-Indrani Stangl, Sunnyvale, California (indrani ivygate.cn)

Smirkmug: An annoyingly conceited individual.
-Gerald Feldman, Tustin, California (gfeldman2904 pacbell.net)

Flutterlips: One who talks extremely fast.
-Gideon Weisz, Boulder, Colorado (gideon.weisz gmail.com)

Jackass: One who elevates donkeys in order to tend to their feet.
-Eric Grosshans, Loveland, Colorado (ericgrosshans gmail.com)

Browseworm: Someone who gets absorbed in reading only headlines on the internet and social media.
-Bora Mici, Gaithersburg, Maryland (boramici gmail.com)

Swivelbrain: A person who changes their mind a lot.
-Camilla Dietrich, New Westminster, Canada (camillamdietrich gmail.com)

Scatterscat: The household member who has the daily duty of sifting the clumps from the cat’s litter box.
-Betty Arnold, Overbrook, Kansas (barnold836 gmail.com)

Throwball: An athlete who plays sports with balls (or even more generically: athlete).
-Tricia Jones, Ann Arbor, Michigan (camelsamba gmail.com)

Escortdiner: A maître d’.
-Dian McDonald, Alexandria, Virginia (dianjanelle yahoo.com)

Pinchass: An individual who exhibits inappropriate sexualized behavior that was once deemed a normal way of acting in previous times.
-Thomas P. LeRoy, Brunswick, Maine (leroyt mmc.org)

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