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palindrome (PAL-in-drohm)
noun: A word, phrase, sentence, or a longer work that reads the same backward and forward. For example, “A man, a plan, a canal, Panama!”

From Greek palin (again) + dromos (running).


A man, a plan, a program: MPM (Massive Palindrome Miner). The MPM is created by Anu Garg, the founder of Wordsmith.org. Taco Cat is the mascot of the MPM.

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Taco cat illustration by CreativeCatandCo
Illustration on the Odds & Ends page by Allison Blakeley
Image of the license plate "82 828 28" by rOOmUSh
Image of fruits by Echeveria Sessantadue
Image of the plaque about Yreka Bakery by Jimmy Emerson
Image of Lulu opera by Camembert/Wikimedia
Image of Napoleon on Elba by Wikimedia
Image of Sator Square by M Disdero / Wikimedia
Image of Greek palindrome Nipson anomemata by Christina Kekka / Wikimedia