Again, trolling through some old papers, I found the Tom Swify exercise my Grade 11/13 English teacher gave us, so without further ado, I inflict 'em all on you (I'm a poet, an' I know it!):

"I just turned a back hand-spring," said Tom flippantly.
"I disapprove of prostitutes," said Tom tartly.
"I like the 25th letter of the alphabet best," said Tom wisely.
"I can't help it if I'm only four feet six inches," said Tom shortly.
"I must learn to swim this summer," said Tom buoyantly.
"We saw a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta last night," said Tom patiently.
"I must sharpen my pencil," said Tom pointedly.
"Brown eyes are hereditary," said Tom genially.
"Never!" said Tom, knowingly.
"That woman has no bust to speak of," said Tom flatly.
"I'm a homosexual," said Tom gaily.
"Go to the back of the boat," Tom said sternly.
"I'd give anything for a drink of water," Tom said drily.
"I just dumped my girlfriend," Tom said ruthlessly.