I live at the top of the world, sjm said topsy-turvily.

I don't like Cleopatra, ASp said hissingly.

What flavor would you like, Bean asked vanillishly?

I love a good rhubarb, Rhuby said commandingly!

I'm a fabulous cook, Consuelo said tamalishly!

I feel totally worthless, tsuwm said wordily.

The surreal is sublime, musick said, loosely.

We've been adopted by a friend, ASp and Faldage said squirrelingly.

"I don't care if you're sick, you don't have an appointment!" Dr. Bill said curmudgeoningly.

My metamorphosis is more than just a transformation, Pfranz said Capfkaesquely.

I don't like moonlight swims, Hev said sharkingly!

I've crept through many caverns, Milo said spelunkeringly.

I've maxed out, WO'N said quordlepleeningly.