Apparently they do, CK--at least, there's an internet domain. Vika, for some reason I could not click on your links, so I'm going to try putting them here.

I got to the first one by copying and pasting, and in the opening paragraph of 'What is a Bestiary?' I found something eerily reminiscent of the discussion on when an apple is or isn't one:
A great deal of its charm comes from the humour and imagination of the illustrations, painted partly for pleasure but justified as a didactic tool 'to improve the minds of ordinary people, in such a way that the soul will at least perceive physically things which it has difficulty grasping mentally: that what they have difficulty comprehending with their ears, they will perceive with their eyes' (Aberdeen MS 24, f25v).

And here is something from your second site:
Big Apple
Dating back to the early 1920's, this term is a nickname for New York City. It was originally a horse racing slang that made its way into jazz lingo then eventually in the vernacular. In the late 70's a tourism ad campaign used the term as a theme reinvigorated usage and brought the name to the attention of millions who had not otherwise heard it.