Bush seems blindsided by the entropy of Annan's U.N."
What in hell does that mean?

entropy: philosophy The inevitable and steady deterioration of a system or society. (You know like K-mart, or our legal system, or the increasingly inept UN).

Yes I agree Bill, the reporter's poor sentence construction was an obtuse excuse for clever rhetoric, but not because of his use of "entropy". I thought that apt. But President Bush is much too wise and too painfully aware of the entropic qualities of the self-intrest assemblies that make up the United Nations to be blindsided by their lack of prompt and courageous action.
A person is "blindsided" by a bus, or a shovel, not by the predictable actions of a namby-pamby UN.

Post Edit: My apologies Bill, I overlooked your post that would have (if I had read it) mollified mine.

I was talking about a lousy mixed metaphor. The President didn't get blindsided by
UN membership's disorganization, he was inadequately briefed by his advisors as to
how much UN support he could expect.
~ wwh