It's been eating me up from morning and I just KNOW we are all forgetting someone really famous; I can't for the life of me remember who!? Grrrr.....

Did Albert Schweitzer ever write fiction? And if we include non-fiction writers in this list, surely then, Lewis Thomas should figure high up? What a brilliant essayist he was! He might even have been the originator of the pop-science format for writing.

This thread has set me wondering, as to whether any of you use the words author and writer in different ways. I think I do. To my mind, the word 'author' would imply, in both its noun and verb forms, a writer of fiction. However, whilst referring to non-fiction, I tend to use, 'writer' more, and use, author, only as a verb in this context. As in,
Mr.Diamond is a reputed writer of non-fiction, and has authored multiple Pultizer prize winning efforts.