Note that this is a word post and not a political post. I learned a new word today in a headline from CBC Newsworld:

North Korea denies withdrawal from nuclear pact is brinkmanship

Now, I did guess what it meant, but looked it up on Atomica:

The practice, especially in international politics, of seeking advantage by creating the impression that one is willing and able to push a highly dangerous situation to the limit rather than concede.

I just thought fellow AWADers might like to comment on whether they like the word, whether they could easily guess what it meant, whether they think anyone else would've guessed it, whether we'll likely hear it too much in the future, and whether I must've lived my life in a cardboard box not to have heard the word brinkmanship by now. And if you, like me, didn't know it, help yourself to one serving of New Word, it's on me.