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"I can remember the "Submarine Races." I remember the long walk from the sub piers to the Bushnell tied up on the
far side. I was the only non-qual EM for awhile so I made the walk chasing down parts. I got pretty good at this.
(Cumshaw Artist, I think that's how you spell it.)

I was on the Atule (SS-403). One of our air conditioning units "quit" and was beyond repair. I was told that there was
another unit in the warehouse but it was for the Tirante (SS-420). (Sorry T-Spoon) It was a 125-ton unit. (huge for the
times) The warehouseman would not issue it to us.

To make this story short I "borrow" a uniform from a new Ensign, a "cherry-picker", one engineman, two other
electricians, and without any rank or name tag I walked into the warehouse and stated that we were from the Tirante
and came for our A/C unit. (I was 19 and looked 15) The warehouseman ensured that I signed all the copies of this
form and that form and many others before he would release the air conditioning unit. I told him his dedication to duty
and to the Navy would not go unnoticed. If we could have run back to the boat we would have. We all worked until
the "wee hours" and got underway for Gitmo that next day. The captain noticed that the boat was exceptionally cool
and started to ask but just turned away. Oh yea, on the way back to the Atule, I found a new movie projector just
sitting there. It kept saying "take me, take me". At 19 I hadn't heard that much, so I couldn't resist……….."

Gary Walker EM2(SS)

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