Hi. My name is Connie and I'm an addict. I am addicted, as are many of you in this ballroom, to AWADtalk. I have to have it every day. I have logged on to other peoples' computers to check the board. I can no longer lurk, but have to post. Sometimes I click to reply and catch myself and force myself to cancel the reply. I am guilty of dittography. I often wear my cloak of invisibility while checking the board. I have met other addictsyou know who you are and we have talked about our posts to the board. I sometimes talk about the board to people that have never been here and say things like "I'll have to post that, that is hilarious." They look at me funny and move slowly backwards. But I know that you here in this ballroom are all saying "Amen, sister." I feel your love.ROTFLMFAO