Listen, wwh, you guys started this thread months ago, and it never was about medicine that I could see in a brief perusal. It has permutated from ballroom balls to a discussion of free verse, so I figured, what the heck, I'll give it a whack with my observation that Faulkner is often poetic in his prose. Now I don't know whether the old Southern bourbon tippler wrote about ballroom balls... If there were a story worth telling about one with ramifications about family secrets, I sure he would have worked it into his convoluted tales.

And anyway: there's the dreaded sports word on the German forum, so there are deep hidden secrets even on this word board. Makes me think of the Hardy boys... And we certainly are a hardy bunch of word hounds, if sometimes illogic (not illogical here in deference to previous posts about Dr. Spock on some other thread in the word lagoon).

Best regards,