True Story : A pilot stationed at Pease AFB in the late 1960s received permission to take his young son and wife to the classified area where pilots sit in a mock cockpit and are are tested in various flight conditions through a operator-manned control panel which simulates emergency conditions so pilots can practice.
Oddly enought the mockups are called Flight Simulators."
The boy, in the co-pilot's seat was fascinated by the profusion of flight control dials in the Simulator.
"What do these do, Daddy?" the youngster asked. Whereupon Dad launched into a technical explanation of how the dials tell where you are, how fast you are flying, where other aircraft are, what the status of engines is, armament and all that. The boy became more and more confused. His eyes glazed over.
His mother standing on the Simulator wing step leaned over and said "Sweetheart, you know how when we get an ice cream cone and the man dips it in the Magic Chocolate and it freezes on the cone? "
"Yes, Mon" the child said, his face clearing.
"Well," Mom said, "all these dials are Daddy's Magic Chocolate."
Comprehension dawned in the boys eyes. "Oh, OK," he said hoping out of the simulator in triumph - leaving Dad stunned.
Motherhood triumphs again.
P.S. That youngster later flew in combat - and the name on the nose of his fighter aircraft was : "Magic Chocolate."