it is definitely goat's cheese!

How very true, it is recognisably goat's cheese, and I think it should stay that way! Reminds me of an old joke from WW2, when the UK suffered dreadful food shortages through blockade of imports.

A government minister was being shown around a very clever experimental research project which was attempting to utilise cow muck (merde de vache?) as a component of a butter substitute.

"Well, Dr Smith, how are you progressing?" asked the minister.

"Mixed results, I'm afraid Minister" came the reply.

"Ahh. But this sample looks very good..."

"Yes, Minister - we've overcome most of the technical problems. It looks like butter..." replied the scientist.

The Minister peered at the offering.

"It spreads like butter..."

The Minister spead the sample on his slice of bread.

It smells like butter..."

The Minister sniffed appreciatively, as his teath closed over the slice of bread.

"Just one thing, Minister - it still tastes like shit!"

So the UK has a long-standing suspicion of engineered foodstuffs, as Monsanto will ultimately find to their cost.