I have to confess that though I rarely place prepositions at the ends of my sentences (when writing), and sometimes even pay heed to the split infinitives shibboleth, I tend to do much the same when I speak. In fact, if I end a sentence with a preposition, I am more than likely to restate it (to the utter confusion and frustration of my 'audience') with the preposition in the 'correct' place. By this point, of course, I am more often than not in 'lecture' mode, and then it is impossible to stop the meandering, frequently retraced, often repeated stream of verbiage that passes for my conversational style. Ah well...

I would hate to feel that I am 'getting on in years', being only in my mid-30s, but I have to confess that I too suffer from words (that used to be so easy to retrieve) now getting lost in the thickets of my memory. As you say, the result can be a number of exceedingly convoluted sentences, or a great deal of 'whatchamacallits', 'thingummyjigs' and 'whatsfaces' peppering my speech. Alas these fallen times, and morals all agley.


the sunshine warrior