Re: from Jackie----not a good thread to come upon when one's stomach is upset
curious the things we associate with green--
envy-- the green eyed monster,
and being sick and being naive, or worse-- a real green horn

but say emerald
and now we have emeraldeyed beauties,
or the emeraldisle, and the emerald city..
well anything defined as emerald rather than green is prettier!

yellow has the same problem.. yellow bellied, bad, but a hero is often the golden man of the hour..

blue can be many things.. blue prose, or blue mood, or blue skies. blule isn't just the blues

red, while it often shares ground with crimsom, is fine on its own, my love is like a red, red rose.
red can be red with rage, or red blooded hero, or red with embarassment, or volupuous with full red lips!

do you agree, its hard to find possitive associations for green? or am i just looking at the world through rose colored glasses, and only seeing what i want to see?