Let me get this straight... The medical student commitee want a new motto to reflect the beliefs/ideals of the medical school to the community. So you want it written in a language that even the authors of this creed don't understand. How will those who you are communicating with understand if you, the authors don't? I have just spent the last 5 years of my life learning a plethora of latin/greek terms for disease/conditions/structures that would be a hell of a lot easy to learn if they were directly translated into english (patients often think that the incomprehensible name of their symptom is actually a diagnosis it seems like some people would rather suffer from polymyalgia rheumatica than aching muscles and joints). I'm not saying that we should retranslate everything back into english but I don't see the point in protracting this ridiculous charade. Unless of course you have other reasons for using latin... history, tradition, etc.