>"mentally retarded", "backward", educationally impaired" "one with learning difficulties" whatever we call something, if we don't respect the thing we are referring to, our discriminatory nature will catch up with us sooner or later.

Another point about PC words is that when people change their points of view they need this kind of words and, if necessary, new words must be coined.
Iíll try to explain myself. You can teach people not to eat rice but you need to provide those people with another food, because if not they would have to choose between doing what they should not or starving.
And contrarily to the point quoted I think that certain words by themselves can alter our mental patterns making us having more or less respect for any subject. This thing I believe could be explained as a feedback caused by some words, so by using a pejorative word people would tend to disregard the subjects of this word and by using a PC word this same people would become more attentive with this same subject.

Juan Maria.