>>some helpful person<<
IL'dIU. FYI: Information that comes across as "Here, you
blithering idiot" is not likely to be perceived as helpful.
I think in cases like that, the messenger rather kills the

To repeat something that has been said several times in other threads, part of the problem may be due to the fact that we are using words on a screen. There is no possiblility of being able to see the giver of information
smiling in understanding, for example.

I do realize that those of you whose jobs or interests involve using this method of communicating all day every day have had to learn to shorten the time it takes you to
get your message across. I'm just trying to remind you
that what to you is merely an efficient time-saver can
appear to some people as something rather more negative than that.

I think this can be likened to the child who is told that
he is getting an immunization shot "because it will help
you". He may hear the words, but all that gets through
is the sting.