>"pc-ness" (which BTW seems to be another created word which fits uncomfortably in the mouth, but is not
considered an abombination)

Gosh, I'd not have used IMNSHO and PC-ness if I had known I was going to raise a ruckus. I plead cultural ignorance on the first count (using an acronym that not everyone knew). In my very early days of doing this computer stuff, we used modems that were so glacially slow acronyms and any other shortcuts were absolutely essential. My first modem was, if I remember correctly, had a speed of 256 baud. That's less than one percent of the 28.8 speed with which I now connect. Connect time was also pretty expensive. I courted my wife, whom I met on the Internet, at those speeds! I plead guilty to not thoroughly checking out the culture before I made that "offending" post.

As to PC-ness, I used that term with a sneer in my fingers, and I just assumed that the disdain I hold for political correctness would bleed through. Our culture suffers when we can no longer call a shovel a shovel.