Ohmigawd, 1.--
For the second time today, I have read something on the 'net
and then gone out and seen the same thing! Just got back from a shop that had a sign behind the counter that read,
"If you're ashamed to ask, then you're ashamed to learn.
Ask, ask, ask...until you know it for yourself!"

Ohmigawd, 2.--
Tsuwm is in agreement!! Whistles! Cheers! (After I recover from my faint! )

And, I am unable to resist taking the bait: "continue" is the operative word in your last sentence, sir. I feel
sure that a fair number of these questions come from people who have not found the original post that explains things,
in which case they are innocent of neanderthality (what
about marking that one in your dictionary, william?)

And then there are those who simply need more than one
session to really take something in.