Ok, first--
If I understood you correctly, Tsuwm, what you said just above means that it would be nice if people would learn
how to learn, and then they wouldn't have to pester others
for help. Would you believe I agree?
Though I will say that there are points where folks are so
lost that they don't know what questions to ask, or that means of self-help are even available. I hope that people will be understanding, or at least forthcoming, in this case, as I am in that position frequently!

>>Poster: tsuwm
Subject: Re: YCLIU

>They want to give others a learning
opportunity (this is the least likely of the three, I think.)

why would you think this? <<<

My point here was based on the fact that things such as
YCLIU, just as an example, get posted with no explanation.
I think it is not very likely in that case that the post-er
would be offering a learning opportunity. If that was
the intent, then he or she would post the explanation as
well, or at least give some clue as to a reference.