A life-changing event:
Very earlt in my carrier I reviewdh the printer's-proof of a legal document, to be printed. It was ina very small-print, sans-serif typeface, and I missed a typo. Soon after, I was called on the carpet and had a serious riot act read to me, because I had not noted that (in that font) "willing" was writen as "willling". In other words, there were five vertical lines, rather than four, in tight succession.

Right then an there I decided that I did not want any part of a field of law in which that sort of thing was considered a meaningful measure of abibliy. Within the year I switched to another field and another lawfirm.

Now, whenever I run into anyone from the old firm, I thank the good Lord for that misspellling.

So Brandon, I'm with you.
PS: this post has not been spellchecked -- but is it any less comprehensible for that?