I thought there might be an etymological connection between "left" and "levo", but my dictionary does not confirm this.I think a better dictionary might.
eft1 7left8
5ME (Kentish) var. of lift < OE lyft, weak, akin to EFris luf, weak6
1 a) designating or of that side of one‘s body which is toward the west when one faces north, the side of the less-used hand in most people b) designating or of the corresponding side of anything c) closer to the left side of a person directly before and facing the thing mentioned or understood !the top left drawer of a desk"
2 of the side or bank of a river on the left of a person facing downstream
3 of the political left; liberal or radical

It is also interesting that in science matters, I have never seen "sinister" used, always "levo"