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he also is still dead.
[sotto voce] madman...

f. L. amb(i)- both + læv-us left + -ous.]
As it were, left-handed on both sides; the opposite of ambidexter. rare
1646 Sir T. Browne Pseud. Ep. 191 Againe, some are+Ambilevous or left handed on both sides. 1879 Syd. Soc. Lex., Ambilævous, Having left hands only; that is, clumsy.

ed. note: pay no attention to the odd spelling.

as to having two(2) words, we have no one to blame except those old Latins:

[f. L. amb(i)- both + sinister left + -ous.]
= ambilævous.
1863 W. P. Lennox Biog. Remin. I. 63 In wedlock, he [Prince of Wales]+was certainly more than ambi-sinistrous.

ed. note: if it comes to a vote, wouldn't the latter win hands down from that citation?!