...coulda been a contender

...I coulda been somebody!

Well, that's my best Brando, take it or leave it! Hmmm...that's my best Brando...we could make that into a new phrase, couldn't we? And unlike the anonymous origin of the full monty the dictionaries of the future will always say...Origin: AWADtalk discussion board, from the famous Wordsmith.org website at the turn of the 21st Century! See, Anu! AWAD and Wordsmith could ultimately become shapers of the language! Or a part of it even! They'll be offering college courses about this site! (delete all my posts, please!)
So, you see, tsuwm...maybe we can all still be contenduhs...no matter how many Hogwash votes we brilliantly maneuver our way ('con," indeed! ) And, now, for the next round, lemme make you an offer you can't refuse!

[edit] Actually, Anu already has added a word to the lexicon, linguaphile! Origin: Wordsmith.org is a reality, folks! So posterity is already destined to take note of all that happens here!