one vote for himself...what's up with that?

Well, tsuwm, when I looked over the entries I found myself in the ironic position of actually liking mine, bluff that it was, the best! So rather than throw a vote away to the wind, and since I already had the venerable Max on board and it was early in the vote, I thought I'd add a plug for my definition in hopes of, perhaps, instigating a trend.
And since I captured the 3 points I might have won with a wild guess, maybe it worked!

not believing (my definition)

And, mav, actually the second part of my bluff def is absolutely true...children in the 19th Century would pluck nodules of sap from spruce and balsam trees, pop them into their mouth until they softened up, and chew them as the first 'chewing gum.' Today's gums, of course, are just artificial concoctions based on that practice!
As William Blake once said,
A truth that's told with bad intent
Beats all the lies you can invent!

But why am I giving all my "trade" secrets away?