>my total should be 3.
yes. I think i copied the wrong scoresheet for basing my update. oops.

>could a little more time be given to each round?
the polls were open from Th evening until M morning at 10, but the only rush was me wanting to get the thing off my plate.

as to the etymology, you're definitely on to something. I'll post the OED entry when I can copy it, but essentially it relates to some folks back in the mists of recorded usage getting it wrong.

zymic - In actual use zumic ("zju;mIk). [f. Gr. ? leaven + -ic.]
Pertaining to or connected with fermentation; formerly applied to a supposed acid (afterwards shown to be impure lactic acid) obtained by fermentation of starchy substances.
1817 T. Thomson Syst. Chem. (ed. 5) II. 189 Of Zumic Acid. I give this name to an acid recently discovered by M. Braconnot. 1826 Henry Elem. Chem. II. 241.