Pardon the whining sound that must accompany this post, but I had scored one entire point in a previous round, for a correct guess on maffle, so my total should be 3.

While I'm whining - could a little more time be given to each round? I missed the vote by virtue of being out of the office on Friday, and could have failed to guess correctly if given more time (but at least I would have given someone else a point).

On a non-whining note: zymurgy, typically the last entry in the dictionary, is "a branch of applied chemistry that deals with fermentation processes." I used to work in a microbrewery, and the brewer had a master's degree in zymurgy, and a masterful touch as well. But what's up with zumic and zymurgy? They look pretty similar and have very similar meanings, but why the u/y switch, and the i/u switch? Any info on etymological relationships on these two wonders of the world?