bushwa. as has been demonstrated, architecture is different from design. why ambiguate things by using the same verb for both? furthermoreover and in the second place, architect has been extant as a verb since early 18C.

1818 Keats Let. 23 July (1931) I. 219 This was architected thus By the great Oceanus. 1890 Harper's Mag. Apr. 809/2 We would not give being the author of one of Mr. Aldrich's beautiful sonnets to be the author of many ‘Wyndham Towers’, however skilfully architected. 1912 Rose Macaulay Views & Vag. viii. 153, I have no sort of interest in the architecting or building trades. 1913 Raleigh Some Authors (1923) 3 He has come out of the prison-house of theological system, nobly and grimly architected. 1923 Public Opinion 29 June 622/3 A+vague notion that a building ought to be architected.