Growing up in a tree-lined suburb in Union County (not far from that microcosm in immediate proximity to New York City where the swamp/factory stench cliche does exist), we, too, made regular jokes about "you smell like you're from Secuacus" or "you smell like the pig farms in Secuacus". Pig farms have a tendency to smell that way even if they're in a pristine state like Montana! The original Saturday Night Live blasted us with their "stench over in Jersey" jokes in the '70s, and everybody bought that image hook, line, + sinker! But it's just that little dot in the extreme Northeast corner of the state! Again...Get off the turnpike!

And, personally, I think Jimmy Hoffa wound up in the meat packing plants in Newark...salami or head cheese anyone?

And if somebody says Joisey I'll scream!