Well put, tsuwm-- but in fact I am an excellant speller! It is just that some comman minds-- unused to creative thinking--insist on spelling a word the same way, sentence after sentance, paragraph after paregraph, page after page!

Creative minds like mind have no such boundries! we see spelling as experiment-- and wonder how far we can push the envelop! (which of course should be envelope!)

The idea of consistancy is wonderful for mass produced things-- and i suppose it has some use in publishing-- where you are mass (re)producing an idea-- but should it be required of individually crafted sentences? shouldn't they be like hand thrown pots? not so much "imperfect" as "having character"?

(AnaS, calm down, I am being tongue in cheek!) - I do recognize the value consistant spelling offers-- but my hand crafted sentences-- are like those interesting pots one sees at a craft show-- (sometime they catch our fancy-- and entrance us--other times, we look at them, and think "My second grader did better-at summer camp!")-- often possesing more character than perfection!

(And if you buy that-- there is this Bridge you might be interested in buying...)

Thank you all, for your kindness-- even you Mav!