Huh? It was the graylab dictionary that put down NP's, not you, wwh.
Does not the role define the term?

I prefer's version:

"Nurse practitioner (NP): A registered nurse (RN) who has completed an
advanced training program in a medical specialty such as family practice,
pediatrics or internal medicine. An NP may function as a primary direct
healthcare provider and prescribe medications. Patients generally appear to be
just as happy -- and in some cases, happier -- to see a nurse practitioner as
their primary care doctor, according to a number of studies (British Medical
Journal 2000;320:1038-1048).

Some NPs fill other roles such as in research rather than in primary direct
patient care."

Only thing they left out is that numerous studies have shown NP's effectiveness
equals or exceeds that of MD's at lower cost. But I'll allow them that omission,
given their limited space.

So here's your suggestion for a better dictionary:

Glad to be of help.