I read about a study done on theraputic touch in a nursing magazine-- In the early 90's

It was done at a university-- and the test subjects all had broken bones. They were told that there was a new UV light treatment for healing and all the subjects where young, reasonalbe healthy students.

During the study, they where directed to report to a test center (2 or 3 times a day)--once there they inserted the effected limb (arm or leg into an opening that was then carefully draped--(to protect their eyes from harmful damage from the "UV" light --allegedly)

Some of the test subjects recieved theraputic touch therapy-- (which does not always require direct touching of the skin) and some just sat there.

It was demonstrated that the students who recieved theraputic touch treatments A) had less pain (subjective) and B) healed faster (as shown by xray and-cat scan-- which was used to measure bone density--rather objective!)

I have no doubts that chemical compounds -- ranging from asprin to Zocor-- and lots inbetween can effect my body- and i have no doubt that my mental health effects my physical health-- the year of my divorce i had repeated episodes of high fever (once at high as 103!) with abdominal pain (and elevated white blood count) repeated test found nothing wrong. (the first guess was always gallbladder-- since i was a "classic" 4 F--fat, female, fourty, and fair-- I was kept over night once in emergency room-- since even asprin and cool baths were unable to bring down my fever.

After the divorce was settled, my health settled down too, and i haven't had another "episode"-- I have had colds, and other minor illnesses, but rarely have a fever over 100.

I feel sure that having some one "care for me" on an emotional level, a physical level, or "thereputically" helps me!

There was a study done at Harvard-- and it proved that bacteria growing in agar in petri dishes lived longer if someone prayed for its health! If bacteria do better when they are prayed for-- I am sure I will do better if some one prays for me! (and there are prayers needed-- one of our regulars needs prayers said for a family member--so stop and pray for the health of every regular contributor, and for all of the members of our families.. if it help harvard bacteria, I feel sure it will help them!)