I am enrolled at the University of Waterloo (uwaterloo.ca) in the MOT@Distance program which is for a Master's degree in applied science in the Management of Technology. Tutorials are once per week using realaudio with simultaneous chat and whiteboards. Assignments are submitted via e-mail or fax. So far, five semesters into the program, it has been fun, but tough. Although, with 28 month-old and 9 month-old sons, there is no other way I could pursue such a program in a conventional setting without sacrificing my family, something I am not willing to do.

Waterloo also has full 3- and 4-year undergraduate programs that can be done by distance. Most of these courses have lectures sent at the beginning of term on cassettes with a schedule of assignments to be sent in. You can also contact the professor or, in some cases, other students.