an IMAX film about flight in the theatre at the museum .... got motion sickness. I rather dislike paying to be made ill (except when Im buying beer, of course), and we are now firmly of the opinion that IMAX is not all its cracked up to be. They throw up huge format movies on the screen and the audience throws up pop corn on the floor. 26.htm

I know what you mean, CK but I therefore suggest you avoid Frances leading tourist attraction Futuroscope like the plague!

A single IMAX is to a dinghy on a millpond like Futuroscope is to a cruise ship going over Niagara. For anyone else, I can warmly recommend it the combined display of pyrotechnics, lasers and cinema over shallow pools of water at the end of the evening is stunning! It also cleverly manages to tie together all the elements of light and dark, image and imagination, and truth and illusion you will have experienced throughout the day.

But the foods still a ripoff!