Michigan and Minnesota, but I wouldn't advise trying to drive it

I have just been planning a trip to the Isle of Wight (Proms at Osborne House, tomorrow evening so we are spending the whole day there) and while trying to find a particular attraction on the Internet map, asked for driving instructions from my house in Portsmouth. It directs me precisely to the Isle of Wight ferry terminal in Portsmouth, without calling it such, and then says "take the unnamed road for 6 miles to Ryde!".
Which reminds me of the Autoroute CD which provided up to 4 alternate routes for journeys. The 4th alternative for Portsmouth to Warwick involved taking one ferry across to the Isle of Wight from Portsmouth and one back to Southampton, replacing 30 miles of motorway by two ferries and 30 miles of local roads! Since the ferry ride to the Isle of Wight is generally reckoned as one of the most expensive per mile in the world , I never did try that.