I posted this under Wordplay and Fun > Crosswords. I think it appropriate to put it here as well.

Isn't it odd that a topic that started out as "crosswords" quickly deteriorated into cross words?

Come on, guys, there has to be some disparity, and thank goodness for that. Please let's enjoy the forum for what it is - a place to discuss and appreciate the fun of the language we use. Let's celebrate our differences, and learn from them and leave out the personal barbs.

Let's also accept that our levels of learning differ, and that there will be those whose use of language might not match the expectations of others.

I joined this forum for fun, learning and a means of communicating with others who share my interest in English. Ain't that what it's all about?

I think that the discussion should be closed. Anybody feel otherwise?

That said, I must agree with the "Rules of Engagement" posted by Jo. We should all be adult enough to realise that nobody owns this forum (except possibly Anu), so a modicum of restraint and a good deal of common sense should prevail.