Thank you for the compliment, Michael, and for the restraint. (I think.) I agree with your own opinion, and
will reiterate my own opinion that each of us is different
from the other. You and I are different. For example, I
have used some take-offs (aside--what's the word for that?)
of your acronym. This was my way of showing that I liked/
appreciated what you wrote. Since you have never given any
indication that you did not mind that, I now assume that you
DID, and will (probably) cease! You certainly have the
right not to want your hard-earned title corrupted, and I do
appreciate your restraint in not telling me off!
I hereby offer a challenge to one and all, as a
demonstration of how different I am: if there is anyone
reading this who likes peanut butter and tomato sandwiches
with mayonnaise, post that fact and I'll eat one in
your honor!