As a bases for discussion in this area I am posting a copy of my response to a personal email I recieved from tsuwm this morning.
Dear Micheal

> I am not interested in arguing manners with you in public on the web.
That is your privilege. I can choose to construe this as an acknowledgement that you are unable to defend your manners.
> My
> comment about cricket and baseball being different I think you have
> misconstrued.
I may have done but I see no relevance to the point I was making
> I have a friend who often diffused arguments about whether one
> thing one better than another by saying they were simply different. I
> thought it applied here because the two are more different than they are
> alike and it seemed silly (yes, to me) to continue to compare them in that
> manner. This was (and is) my opinion.
This is perfectly acceptable to me. My ire was at your use of the word we rather than I. Had you said 'I' then I would have no complaint. You said 'we', which I have suggested is either a poor use of language or a rude abuse of others personal rights to their own individual opinions

> Which brings me to the comment about
> politics. There are lots of venues to talk about politics and it was (again)
> my opinion that we were talking much more about politics than about words.
> I was just stating my opinion, irrespective of my manners.
Yes and once again I have no problem with you expressing your personal opinion about any matter. I consider it ill manners when you pretend to speak for others.

> Take your ire
> offline in the future and I will have a good bit more respect for it, and
> you.

Because my ire is about your ill manners to all in the BB I posted my comments for all to see.

I certainly think you have no right to tell me what to do with my anger.

I have chosen also to post this email on the BB. Please do not email me directly again.

> regards,
> Michael

Philip Davis


It is not my usual practice to post personal email in a public forum but as this matter is very much about the speaking only for oneself and my opinion that it is very bad manners to speak for others I have decided that if tsuwm is going to try to justify such ill manners he should be compeleded to do so in front of the people for who he is proporting to speak.

I really can't be arsed enough to spell check this so if there are any spelling errors in it I'm sure someone will be petty enough to point them out. (this is me be petulant, it 's not funny and I'm not pretending it's a joke)