I have noticed a few ruffled feathers and wondered if anyone would like to discuss a few rules of engagement now that we are coming of age as a group.

Here are a few ideas.
(i) Everybody has the right to ask a question, no matter how obvious the answer maybe to anyone else.
(ii) It isn't necessary to pick up on people's grammatical, spelling or typing errors unless it is done in order to help re-state the question in a clearer way. (If you want to sent a "by the way, did you notice" e-mail directly to the person so that they can correct/amend the posting - then on your own head be it).
(iii) Some of the questions posed offer people the opportunity to do some pleasurable research and do not require an immediate answer. We cover a large range of time zones so not everyone gets to see the question, so it may be best to hold back on an answer, so as not to spoil it for others. I've seen cryptic answers and clues used to help the discussion along without taking away other people's rights to find out for themselves.
(iv) That said, if you really do want a quick answer, than say so.
(v) Everyone has a an equal voice, so only speak for yourself.
(vi) If a thread has got a long way from its initial discussion it may be best to start a new thread. This makes it easier for newcomers to find their way around.
(vii) The site should allow for discussion of controversial issues. We probably don't want to have an "eighteen certificate" imposed on us, so care should be taken in the kind of language used. Words can inspire or upset people so try to move controversial discussions to a new thread, so that people can choose to opt in or out.
(viii) This "begs the question" how long should a thread be - I have no views on this subject
(ix) If people use lots of complicated words we don't understand, fine, isn't that part of the fun?
(x) It's fine to disagree and people may even be quite rude to each other from time to time but shouldn't need to be offensive.
(xi) I would hate to see anyone driven away from the site because of their race, creed, gender, disability .... but that doesn't mean that those subjects cannot be discussed in an even handed way.
(xii) Some subject like sport are fair game. If people get upset by sex, religion and politics we have to have something we can be rude about ...

If this differs from how you see the site I know you will add your comments. Feel free to accept/reject any of the above.

From a mere mortal