PRONUNCIATION: (adj.: MEE-dee-uht, verb: -ayt)

MEANING: adjective: 1. Involving an intervening agency; not direct or immediate.
2. Being in a middle position.
verb tr., intr.: 1. To act as an intermediary to resolve a conflict, bring about a solution, etc.
2. To divide into two parts.

From Latin mediare (to be in the middle), from Latin medius (middle). Ultimately from the Indo-European root medhyo- (middle), which also gave us middle, mean, medium, medal (originally a coin worth a halfpenny), mezzanine, mediocre, mediterranean, moiety, and mullion. Earliest documented use: 1440.

MEDI-ANTE - I'll throw my stethoscope into the pot to play this hand

MED-IRATE - 1. angry doctor; 2. hospital daily room charge

ME DILATE - i'm gonna have my baby pretty soon!