PRONUNCIATION: (ak-wuh-FOH-bee-uh)

MEANING: noun: A fear of water, especially of drowning.

ETYMOLOGY: From Latin aqua (water) + -phobia (fear), from Greek -phobia (fear). Earliest documented use: 1875.

NOTES: Not to be confused with hydrophobia, which, despite its literal meaning of “fear of water” from Greek hydro- (water), is commonly used in a medical context to describe a symptom of rabies. In rabies, hydrophobia refers to a difficulty or intense fear of swallowing, especially liquids, due to painful throat spasms.

AQUAPROBIA - SONAR (acronym of SOund Navigation And Ranging)

EQUAPHOBIA - fear of balance-points

ABU-APHOBIA - fear of animated mischievous monkeys, esp. when there is a genie nearby