PRONUNCIATION: (troth, trohth)

MEANING: noun: 1. One’s pledged word, loyalty, or fidelity.
2. Truth.
3. Betrothal.
verb tr.: To pledge or betroth.

ETYMOLOGY: From Old English treowth (fidelity, truth), from treowe (faithful). Ultimately from the Indo-European root deru- (to be firm), which gave us truth, trust, tree, endure, druid, during, durable, duress, trow and indurate. Earliest documented use: noun 1175, verb 1400.

CROTH - So angry you can't speak straight

"T.P." ROTH - nickname acquired by the author of "Portnoy's Complaint" in his most potty-mouthed phase

TAROT H - the eighth card in a fortune-telling deck, representing Health, Home, Honor, and Hope