MEANING: verb tr.: To make a word by dropping an apparent affix from a longer word.

ETYMOLOGY:Back-formation from back-formation.Earliest documented use: 1911.

NOTES: The word make has been with us from at least 1150. We later added the suffix
-er to make maker (from 1297). Had maker come first, and we made make from it by removing a part, that would be a back-formation.

To back-form is to coin a new word (usually a verb) by removing an actual or supposed affix from another word (usually a noun)...

The word back-form itself is back-formed from back-formation.

BACH-FORM - fugal

LACK-FORM - why the skater earned only a 2 in a competitive routine

BANK-FORM - any of dozens of hoops to jump through in a financial transaction