MEANING: noun:
1. Utopia.
2. Heaven.
3. The collective term for the Jewish people.
4. The religious and cultural practices and beliefs of Judaism.
5. A reference to the nation of Israel, especially in a historical or religious context.

ETYMOLOGY: From Old English Sion, from Latin Sion, from Greek Seion, from Hebrew Siyon. Historically, Zion refers to one of the hills on which Jerusalem was built thus holding significant religious and cultural importance in Judaism. Earliest documented use: c. 450 CE.

ZOÖN - places in Germany where captive exotic animals are kept on display

SI-NON - a device for contacting the spirits of the departed to ask them questions, similar to a Ouija board

ZINON - an inert gas to rest your wine on (may be white wine or red, sweet or dry, lower or higher proof, depending on how the wine is prepared)