MEANING: noun:
1. Things that last only a short time.
2. Things of no lasting significance.
3. Items such as tickets, postcards, and letters that are intended to be discarded after use but sometimes become collectibles.

ETYMOLOGY: From Greek ephemera, plural of ephemeros (short-lived), from epi- (upon) + hemera (day). Earliest documented use: 1398.

USAGE: “It would be a mistake to dismiss the issues roiling the book business as ephemera.”
Alex Clark; The Publishing Wars; New Statesman (London, UK); Jul 22, 2022.

E-THEME (RA) - the Resident Assistant assigns a creative writing project to be submitted online

EPH EM ERA - starting 1950 or so, when Phrequency Modulated radio was in its prime

EPHEMERE - a body of unknown function at the end of an X-chromosome, which appears upon cell division and lasts only 24 hours