PRONUNCIATION: (BIZ-uhn-teen/tyn, bi/buh/by-ZAN/zuhn-tin/teen)

MEANING: adjective:
1. Highly complex or intricate.
2. Involving scheming or intrigue.
3. Relating to the architectural or decorative style developed in the Byzantine Empire.
4. Relating to the ancient city of Byzantium or the Byzantine Empire.

ETYMOLOGY: After Byzantium, an ancient Greek city, modern-day Istanbul. Metaphorical senses are from the complex bureaucracy, palace intrigue, and elaborate art and architecture, associated with the Byzantine Empire. Earliest documented use: 1599.

BOZANTINE - clownish

BY Z. ANY IN E? - stockbroker discussing holdings in Zillow and Eni

BYE, ANTINE - See ya later, Toni